It is essential that decisions can be examined and tested within an objective framework. Exigen uses a substantially model driven framework to support decisions associated with complex assets. The benefits of our high fidelity simulations and models over other data driven philosophies is that when designed properly they provide insight that is almost free of bias.

Central to Exigen’s approach, we use the smallest number of assumptions possible at every stage of development. This is premised on having access to and utilising as much low-level data as possible in combination with the first principles of the physical sciences. Our unique design approach results in simulations and models that have fewer systematic errors reducing the level of risk and increasing performance of the executable model. Approaches that do not follow this methodology are inherently risky and limited in their effectiveness as the underlying mechanisms are unknown and or assumed.

To achieve leading edge performance based on high fidelity modelling, Exigen employs multidisciplinary teams of engineers who undertake a level of enquiry and develop understanding essential to ensuring realistic model inputs. Commitment to this approach repeatedly delivers results consistent with real world observation and within trivial tolerances.